About Us

Johnson Marble Machinery has always believed that the way to grow the stone industry and to help fabricators is to make it easier and faster to process natural stone. That is why JMM designs, builds, and sells the finest machinery in the industry. Our tools give fabricators ways to process stone faster and more productively.

Our ultimate goal is to make "you" (our customer) successful. If you are not successful we are not successful. There is no doubt that there are many factors that effect how well each shop runs and how profitable it is. The cutting and finishing of stone is one variable that can be controlled to give you the most consistency.

Made In The USA

JMM designs, builds and sells easy to use durable machinery. That means that any machine in the JMM family must be a significant improvement over our last design or other products in the industry. It's a philosophy that we have carried over our more than 25 years in business. Our products are designed and built on our campus in North Hollywood, California. No matter which size your business is - we make machinery that increases your output. Employing the latest technology into our products makes it easier for you. Our products are created with simplicity in mind; it just so happens that you will find them in some of the highest production shops in the United States. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the number of happy customers we have - with over 700 machines installed in North America. From our line of bridge saws to our CNC controlled edge detail machines, our goal is to give every fabricator more productivity and to reward them with more opportunities to increase their volume and create more profit. Our name on every machine we make - is your guarantee.

Our People

Johnson Marble's ultimate success and growth in business has been the result of reliable committed employees, lots of good hard work, a keen sense of timing, and a little bit of luck. We believe that integrity and honesty are the underpinnings of every relationship. We will relentlessly search for the best solutions for our customers and remain compassionate to your needs.

Research and development is and always has been the heartbeat of any good company. Each year we reinvest significant amounts of money designing, building and testing, innovative machinery that help fabrication shops of all sizes find more efficiency and enjoyment from working with stone. Every JMM product begins as an idea then travels the rigorous road of computer-aided design, modeling, durability trials, and finally in-field testing. Only after successfully completing each of these steps confirming that the new process is truly superior to existing machines on the market does it earn the Johnson name.