New Equipment

Bridge Saw

Johnson Marble B350A Bridge Saw

Programmable Controller with Joystick

Programmable Logic Controller with Joystick

Hydraulic Tilting/Rotating Table

Tilting Head Assembly

0 -90 Degree Tilting Head Assembly

Bridge Saw Pump

New Heavy-Duty Hydralic Pumps

Heavy-Duty Hardware

Heavy-Duty Hardware

B350 Bridge Saw

If you are in the market for a new bridge saw and are looking to finance the purchase, we have several industry partners that can help you arrange financing. Be sure to ask us how.

The value of service is hard to evaluate objectively. One of the biggest benefits JMM customers enjoy is the ability to get parts and service right here in the US. Compare this to foreign equipment that might have metric parts that are not available and no inventory in the US. Other machine companies buy and resell their machinery. They have no vested interest in what happens to the customer after the sale. An underestimated cost of service is the time the equipment is not working. In many shops this could equate to thousands of dollars a day. That is why JMM offers a two-year warranty. This warranty covers mechanical and electrical parts for 24 months. We have made every machine in our own facility for over 25 years. We understand what goes into the machine and how to fix it right. Choose a proven manufacturer...choose Johnson Marble Machinery!

Pneumatic locking turntable

One of the best decisions you can make is investing in the right equipment to move, protect and manage your materials and finished work. Johnson Marble Machinery offers accessories built from heave duty materials and finished with the same quality and high standards as our machinery.

Pneumatic locking turntable with positive stops at 0, 45 and 90 degrees. (Additional 45 degree increments optional)

Heavy-Duty Beam

Heavy-duty steel 1 1-4 inch thick beam provides rigorous support and ensures accurate heavy material cutting. The power gantry carriage feed allows integrated rack and gears to extend for 12 feet of horizontal cutting and 13 feet of lateral movement of the gantry.

A motor driven lead screw that moves assembly a full 20 degrees vertically accomplishes carriage elevation.

Tilting Blade

Arbor motor with locking pin allows motor to be tilted at any angle up to 90 degree with positive stops at 45 and 90 degrees.

Recommended Blade size 14" to 18"