Material Handling

Marble and Granite Slab Racks

Slab racks consists of 2 ten foot long steel bases 4" high by 5" wide. For upright storage of slabs, fifty-six 2" by 2" steel tubing pipes (5' tall) with plastic safety caps provide slab support. Racks also available without slab supports. (Shipping weight - 844 lbs.)


Johnson Marble Slab Racks

Perfect for storage of granite and marble slabs


  • Granite Storage
  • Marble Storage
  • Heavy Duty

Slab Racks, storage carts, A-Frames

A Frame Cart

Heavy Duty

"A" Frame Cart

This cart allows the easy moving of precut stone. The cart is 48" long, 36" tall and 36" wide. Two swivel casters and two straight casters help align the travel of the cart. (Shipping weight - 200 lbs.)

Truck A Frame


Truck "A" Frame

The Truck "A" Frame incorporates two standard "A" Frames joined y four cross members extending to an overall length of fie feet. (Shipping weight - 230 lbs.) Arbor motor with locking pin allows motor to be tilted at any angle up to 90 degrees with positive stops at 45 and 90 degrees. (Additional 45 degree increments optional).

Standard A Frame


A Frame

Constructed of 2" square steel tubing (18 gauge), this 5' tall and 5' wide frame is supported by a 4" channel base skid, The top span is 8" and the bottom span is 24". (Shipping weight - 125 lbs.)